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I am the one entrusted with the mug.

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Hello everyone.

    My name is Daniel, and I promise this will be the only serious page on this site.  You've probably arrived here because (1) you work with me at WFLA-TV, have seen me carrying this huge red jug around, and realize how mentally unstable I really am, or (2) you were just surfing and are now really, really lost.  Either way, welcome!

    For those of you who fall into the second category, a little explanation is probably necessary.  I have carried the big red mug with me to work ever since I started at this job, back in spring, 2000.  Its ridiculous size and bright color quickly drew a number of questions, and after patiently answering them over and over again, I eventually realized I must accept, even embrace, the attention my mug brings.  So, late one night I came up with the idea of a website devoted to my mug, and the idea quickly spread.  Now, here we are.

    Now more about me (after all, that IS why everyone is here, right?).  I'm a news producer at wfla, regularly assisting on our weekday 5, 5:30, 6, and 11 shows, and producing our weekend 6 and 11  newscasts.  

    What does a producer do?   I spend a lot of time writing (all those stories you hear anchors reading, you didn't think they actually wrote them, did you?)  I help to organize the shows and develop story ideas, and also do a lot of the smaller jobs, like run a teleprompter or order custom-made graphics.  When playing the role of a producer,  I "booth" the shows, which means I sit in on the show as it is being aired, time everything, and make sure all the important stories make it to air before Leno or Brokaw start.

   Other important information:  I'm a Y2K graduate of the University of Tampa, an excellent and terribly overpriced school located just across the street from our station.  I've lived in Tampa since 1997, in the Town 'N Country area.  If you need to know more about me, you better just ask.

   Oh, and that's a really unflattering picture of me above.

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