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Williams, AZ!

The Mug strongly recommends the sugar-dipped steak.

History Lesson

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A Little More About Rod's Steak House

Rod's is a Route 66 tradition, dating back to 1946.  The complete story can be found here

Located in Williams, AZ, Rod's is on what now is known as AZ route 66, one of the longest strips of the old US 66 still in existence.  It's also at the southern end of the road to the Grand Canyon (south rim).  For a special treat, when heading from Las Vegas to the Canyon, take old 66 around through Kingman, Peach Springs, and several other old road towns.  You'll parallel the old railroad tracks, still in use, driving through miles of flat desert, with sudden changes in the landscape: one mile dry and brown, the next, trees everywhere.  At the end of your trip back in time is Williams, one of the nicest small towns on the route.  And you'll be rewarded with a great steak dinner.

Everything about this place is cool.  The roadside restaurant feel.  The tablecloths.  The menu, cut out in the shape of a cow.

Seriously, try the sugar dipped steak.  It's a little sweet, a little bitter, with a great flavor overall.  Oh, and buy a t-shirt, too.

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