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Rhyolite Ghost Town, NV!

The Mug has ended up in some strange places over the years, but this one seems very, very wrong. (Learn More)

That's a really big, uh, piece of art.

Well, that's a little better, I guess.

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The Venus of Nevada

This 25 foot high piece of art is just one of several unexpected items you'll find in a most unlikely place, Rhyolite, Nevada.  Rhyolite is a ghost town not far from the still-living town of Beatty, NV, and just a few miles away from the eastern boundary of Death Valley National Park. 

The Venus of Nevada is made of concrete block.  She's out in the open, with no barriers keeping you from grabbing hold of her whatnots and climbing to the top.

Other exhibits are nearby, and yes, the Mug visited them, too.  Click Here to continue.
If you want to learn more about the art exhibits, the ghost town, and nearby Death Valley, you'll have to visit my other website,