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A long time ago... a man was so moved by the big red mug, that he put pen to paper and created what would forever be known as the Jug O' Fun Trilogy of poems.  He then tucked them away, careful to save them for the ages.  Shortly afterward, he lost them.  Later, he tried to recreate the magic which those poems conveyed, but ended up composing just one poem... one that probably won't make any sense to those who don't work with him.  So, until he can accurately remember the great works he once created, here is his feeble attempt at a recreation of the Jug O' Fun poem:

The Jug O' Fun

You cool me from  the hot, bright sun
You quench my thirst, until your dun
But I will not take a bathroom run
For fear I'd lose... my Jug O' Fun

Keep me quenched, keep me pleased
So I never kill a story, I've already teased
You push me forward, when I'm on the run.
Oh how I love you, jug o fun.

Filled with tea, filled with Coke
In your refreshing drink, my fears will soak
But I'll never drink you, when you go flat.
Cause I'm a producer now...and I'm too good for that!




Copyright 2005 Daniel Woodrum |